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Against the grain

My son wanted to get into beauty therapy but was very nervous at starting his first day at Partners for Training, as he knew the course is very popular with girls. His first day came around and when he came home from his first day at college, I was delighted to see a smile on his face. He explained how all of his course peers were very welcoming and he was so happy to discover that there was also another young lad on the course. He said that all of the lectures were very encouraging and congratulated the boys for being bold and going against the grain and doing what they wanted to do. Beauty Therapy they said, is fast becoming as popular for men as it is for women, with more men coming in for massages, facials, and general wellbeing and looking after themselves.

This blog was posted Monday 20th November 2017 : 10.51 am

Perfect choice of advertising a new business

My cousin has set up a small, window cleaning business for the locals. He lives in a very quaint village with a very small population. Once a month spread over three consecutive days, he goes around the village and washes everyone's windows who have agreed to it. His services were very welcome when he started up the business and initially spread the news. His services are extremely popular, with over half the village agreeing to his monthly services. To get the word out there he had business cards printed with Ocean Press. Prior to the printing, he required some help with the design as he had a few ideas but wanted a professional opinion on whether they would work on the business cards. The company helped him bring together his ideas and formulate the final design. They look great and are bringing in the customers. They were the perfect choice of advertising as they helped him spread the work and people responded well to them.

This blog was posted Monday 20th November 2017 : 10.33 am

Business car

My boss has the business car insured with Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers. He has mentioned that they are real professionals in their field and really go the extra mile for their clients. My colleague had the pleasure of speaking to them on the phone to go over a few details and he had only kind things to say about them even just from their manner over the phone. That speaks volumes!rnrn

This blog was posted Thursday 16th November 2017 : 10.48 am