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About us

CMS Wizard is brought to you by Worldwide Webdesign Ltd., based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and is the vision of the Managing Director, KJ Duursma who says:

"We have spent over 3 years developing this fantastic system.We saw a gap in the market for a Content Management System (CMS) that would be easy to use for those that perhaps do not have a high level of technical skill or knowledge. As the CMS systems for website designers presently available in the market are often complicated and require a high level of skill, or they are unreliable and non-flexible.

Now even those with a basic level of web design experience can use our CMS Wizard to provide their clients with a website that they can look after themselves. We will continue to develop our software, and adding to the growing list of packages available, whilst working with our resellers to improve the existing products eve more."

For further information regarding CMS Wizard, contact us today on 01323 739376 or email