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BNB Online 

BNB Online is a website package designed for hotels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses and holiday homes. 

It comes with an online booking system, which means that online visitors can check availability and book 24/7.

The package is easy to use and easy to navigate.  It is an ideal solution for people in the hospitality sector, because it will allow online visitors to check availability - thus cutting out unwanted enquiries.  Moreover, they can book immediately, rather than wait for your reply.

More bookings

Our BNB online clients have told us that they often have enquiries from North America first thing in the morning.  They always reply to these Emails, but they rarely get the booking.  We believe that the reason for that is very simple:  Visitors look at several sites and book when they can.  If your competitors have an online booking system, they will get the booking.

Click here to see a demo of this package.