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E-commerce packages

Our E-commerce CMS solution has all of the same features and modules available in the Standard CMS option, but also allows even the most basic designer to create a first class E-commerce website.

This is one of the most advanced online shopping packages available on the market.

There are three options available with this solution:

Budget Shop

This e-commerce solution offers your customers a fantastic range of basic features and value for money.

  • A secure, password protected admin panel
  • Add/edit unlimited number of product categories, products and options- with one image per product
  • Author/manufacturers details can be added
  • Range of payment options: Cheque, credit / debit card*, Paypal, Nochex, Worldpay
  • Order notification by email only

*requires SSL certificate, not included

Standard Shop

This option contains all of the features mentioned above and some more advanced online shopping features.

  • This solution allows you to use multiple currencies
  • The orders are handled in GBP, but other currencies can be displayed alongside so as to offer visitors a price comparison, this is essential for websites attracting foreign buyers
  • An 'order tracking' module makes tracking orders much easier. You can print a sales receipt, files orders into categories (e.g. payment received or goods shipped) and you can easily notify buyers that goods have been shipped
  • You can analyse your sales activity with a reports feature to see how may times products have been viewed and sold, as well as view your total number of sales
  • Other options are the 'Tell a friend' and 'Request a catalogue' options, plus you can highlight special offers
  • You can add multiple images per product

Complete Shop

This is an advanced E-commerce solution for your customers. It contains all of the options available in the other packages and more.

  • Visitors to the website can create an account online and log in on their return visit to view past orders, create a wish list or amend their details
  • Products can be sold as downloads, although some restrictions do apply (please ask for details)
  • There is a newsletter/email facility available which allows the website owner to send targeted emails by creating email groups 
  • Buyers can be notified when new products become available