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Language Package

The CMS Wizard language package is the one to use if the content must be visible in one than one language. 

The Content Management System will allow you to add any number of languages.  All text pages and modules will be available in all the language versions you have created.  In addition to the text pages and the modules, all languages will also have a text file, which contains any other text visible on the site, including navigation links and text on the contact us form, submit buttons, etc.

Like all CMS Wizard packages, the language package is easy to use.


All modules can be used in all the languages, but the content does not need to be the same in every language. Most of the modules are language-specific.  Any news blog - for example - you post will only appear on the language you selected before posting it.  This will allow you to vary the content from one language to the next.  Similarly an event shown in English may not be relevant to the German speakers.


The package does not translate the text.  Human language is complex, and no machine will ever translate better than a skilled translator.  We highly recommend South-East Interpreting, who employ a highly skilled team f translators.

Translator login

By assigning login passwords, you can allow translators to log in to your CMS Wizard - and allow them to edit their language.