The Revolutionary Content Management System for Graphic Designers and Web designers

Using CMS Wizard

If you have been using a Content Management Systems, you may have found it inflexible, difficult to adjust and possibly unreliable.

Alternatively, you may have always been deterred from creating a CMS website because of the complexity and technical knowledge required.

Even when you have succeeded, you may not have found it easy to explain to your clients how to use the CMS.

This is exactly why we created CMS Wizard
It's been tailored to meet your specific needs as a website designer.

ü CMS Wizard easy to install, adjust and use

ü  CMS Wizard integrates with Dreamweaver so your designs are not restricted

ü CMS Wizard requires only a basic knowledge of HTML

ü CMS Wizard packages contains all of the features most websites need

ü All CMS Wizard features are modular and can be switched on or off

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