The Revolutionary Content Management System for Graphic Designers and Web designers

Standard CMS

All of our CMS solutions provide your customers with a simple text editor to use to make changes to their website.

CMS Wizard also includes a range of modules for you to choose from to tailor the website to meet your customer's needs.
To select them for your customer's website, all you need to do is turn them on or off and they will appear or be hidden from view:



Photo Albums

This module will allow you to create photo albums and add photographs simply and easily. All images are resized automatically, which means you can add them directly from a digital camera


This module allows you to accept donations. For registered charities a Gift Aid tick box can be added


This module allows you to upload PDF files to the website and place them in categories if desired


You can add any forthcoming events. The system requests an expiry date when adding an event so that it is automatically removed once it expires. This ensures the website is kept up to date


This is an invaluable module to help visitors understand your product or service, and you can sort the order in which they are displayed


You can add links to other websites


You can keep visitors up to date with news or blog style updates, a crucial part of many e-marketing strategies


This module allows you to upload MP3 files and includes a podcasting facility


This page will allow you to enter an amount, specify what the payment is for and then allow payment via an online payment provider, such as, PayPal